Already Enlightened

Right now you are 100% seeing all the truth that could ever be. You think you are not seeing it but it is impossible to avoid. You are fully enlightened and you could never be otherwise.

The simple ordinary awareness that you have of anything that arises either in the world, or in your mind is the truth. There is nothing more to enlightenment than realizing directly that what is appearing in awareness, "before" you take claim of it, is the truth.

The Ultimate Reality is that there is not, nor has there ever been a you to take claim of any object of awareness.

There is no self. Enlightenment is simply pure selfless awareness of everything that arises moment to moment. It is a ghostly feeling of non-being combined with hammering clarity. It is a shimmering beauty beyond earthly description that is felt by emptiness.

You are that emptiness and have always been that. There has only ever been enlightenment. There has only ever been existence/awareness.

Feel the emptiness, your non-being as the universe expands to infinity. Walk into a crowded room and never find yourself. If you can do these then you will know you are already enlightened and in that knowing you will realize you have always known this and yet have never existed to know it.

Whether you rest in your ignorance or your knowledge, you have arrived.

Steven Norquist 2010