The Genesis of this project came about when Steven heard reports that the book “Haunted Universe” possessed a special power when read aloud either alone, or in groups, to move one into a still state. A state where the haunting emptiness that Steven speaks of can be felt. This feeling of emptiness was noticed by many listeners of Steven's talk at the 2010 SIG who heard him speak in person.

With this in mind Steven went into the studio and allowed the words of “Haunted Universe” to flow from that emptiness. This remarkable reading is now available as the Unabridged Audiobook version of “Haunted Universe.”

Spiritual Audiobooks are usually “performed” by voice actors. Because of this there is often a disconnect from the power source of the words: the awakened authors themselves.
This is not the case with "Haunted Universe."

“Haunted Universe” is read by the awakened author himself in the full power of that awakening and as such is an authentically powerful tool for transformation.



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Now available: The Audiobook version of “Haunted Universe” read by the author.

Haunted Universe Audiobook